Our Team

Fiona Perrella


With a background in Management Consulting, Training and Life Coaching, Fiona has worked with organisations, individuals and children for over 20 years to assist people challenge their thinking and change their behaviour to achieve success. She established Art of Resilience which uses art to develop confident and strong children and the principles of Positive Psychology when she recognised that her own children needed extra tools and skills to be cope with life’s challenges.



Lloyd D’Castro


Has been a Psychologist for 27 years developing and supporting people to achieve their potential. He has worked with individuals, groups, teams and organisations, facilitating workshops and learning opportunities. With a Cognitive Behavioural Approach combining principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology he takes a
strength-based focus on developing the individual

Lloyd helps us develop our programs and consults with us to do our Education Consultancy

Jodie Stone


Jodie has 25 years’ experience teaching art in both the public and private sector, including adults and children with disabilities. Recently, she been working in Special Needs Education Support in primary education. She is passionate about assisting kids to build healthy attitudes towards life’s challenges through creative expression and by learning that just like each of us, our art is different, and that’s ok.

Andrew Mills

With degrees in Architecture and Science, Andrew has amassed a wealth of over 25 years experience in the building and technology industry. It has fuelled his interest in good design aesthetics and how things work. Having never owned a mobile phone he is also our master of mindfulness. As a parent, he is passionate about developing Boredom Busting children who have an “engaged mind.”

Click here for Andrew’s Architect for a Day workshop

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