Kids art class

Mistake Maker Workshops

Our Mistake Maker workshops are our signature programs. 

Choose from a 2 or 3 day workshop.  

In our Mistake Maker program kids explore mistake making.  They will  learn how to deal with mistakes and face worries with confidence and a growth mindset. In our Mistake Maker kids will explore the art of being and thinking like a Mistake Maker through art and play.


We also have an afterschool Mistake Maker Club.  You can find out more details here.  

Kids art class

Our workshops all come with a dose of resilience.  Kids are taught tips and tricks to build their resilience and unleash their strengths to tackle problems and mistakes, or bounce forward when things go wrong.


I am Amazing!

Kids will create a self portrait painting and a fantastic clay beast that will remind them of how truly amazing and unique they are. 


Perseverance through Printmaking

Kids will experience the unpredictable nature of printmaking as they complete various beginner techniques such as Monotype and Drypoint using a real artists printing press.


Architect for a Day

In this workshop for kids aged 10+, they will learn special tips and tricks for designing and building their own structure from scratch – either real or imagined.



This workshop is a textile workshop where kids get to weave, draw using paint pens and sculpt to create a colourful paint and woven face hanging piece and a straw, wire and wool 3D creature sculpture of their own imagination.



In our art-meets-science class kids will explore the science behind art techniques like animation and marbling paper and more!