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Our work supports wellbeing in schools


Strength Heroes school incursions are a different way of accessing your schools health objectives.  Different because they are highly engaging.  We use art and play activities to explore resilience themes.  We call it thinkering!

The feedback we have received from teachers who have experienced our wellbeing program in schools have told us that our school incursions have the following benefits.  

Our incursions link seamlessly with the curriculum.

The links are varied and include links to the Positive Behaviour Programs, school values, health programs, Mindfulness and Protective Behaviours.  The incursions also directly reinforce the Zones of Regulations.  Read on to find out how they link with other curriculum areas such as STEM and Sustainability.  

“The benefit of the incursion was that we could relate it to our wellbeing and 5 fingers of trust and also allowed students to open up to the experiences that were having.”

M. Collis, Year 5 Teacher, Kinross Primary School

Our workshops are perfect for Wellbeing Week.

Many schools have engaged us to be a part of their Wellness Week.  This has included running incursions for the whole school at Kinross Primary School and White Gum Valley Primary School. 

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The interactive “art and play” based nature of the Strength Heroes incursions was the major draw card that prompted our school to engage in these wonderful workshops for all our students from Kindy to Year 6. As part of our Wellbeing Week celebrations in 2021 we wanted the students to engage in activities that aligned with our school values, mental health strategies and programs such as the Zones of Regulation. We were able to select from a broad range of workshop topics to directly match the needs of various year levels. “I’m a Mistake Maker” engaged our junior students in a range of art and construction tasks to help them explore how we all make mistakes and ways we can better respond and learn from them. The loose parts construction in the “Brain House” workshop was a hit with our middle and upper students as they further developed the concept of a growth mindset. The Year 6 teachers were very impressed with how engaged their students were with the with the art and play elements of the workshop and how the learning prompted discussions in class about the concepts for days after the incursion. “Everyone is a Leader” was a perfect fit for our Year 5 cohort as they were beginning the application process for leadership positions in Year 6. The team activities and construction of a “leadership animal” task provided the students with a thorough understanding of leadership principles like collaboration. We now plan to engage Strength Heroes again to provide this leadership workshop for our future Year 5 cohorts. Thank you for providing our students with such fun and valuable activities that related so well to our emotional regulation program. We greatly appreciated your professionalism. Your keen interest in receiving and responding to feedback demonstrated your passion for ensuring that you were providing the best possible experience for our students.

Michelle Bell, Mental Health Co-ordinator and Year 1 Teacher. Kinross Primary School.

Kids LOVE Strength Heroes incursions

An expert in school incursions, Thomas, Year 2 told his teacher that our Mistake Maker incursion was the BEST incursion ever!  He did qualify this by saying that he had lots of years of incursions ahead but so far ours was the best.  His teacher agreed and when she asked him why he said it was because he got to build and play instead of just sit and listen.  

Incursions that embed that Mistakes are OK

As one teacher said “A great experience for kids to recall back on” when they make a mistake.  Instead of Strength Heroes just telling kids mistakes are okay, kids get to explore resilience topics through making things and our challenges.   For example in I am a Mistake Maker school incursion we lead them through activities that flesh out what a Mistake Maker is.  Then they get to construct their own Mistake Maker.  Another teacher told us “They (students) could relate straight back to the character they created and why”

“Good reinforcement of it being okay to make a mistake and how to deal with it.”

M. Bell, Teacher Year 1.

“It normalised making mistakes for the students. Such an important message for the kids to develop a growth mindset”


Our school incursion incorporate sustainability themes

In each of our incursions we have a strong sustainability focus with extensive use of recycled materials.  We are constantly finding new ways to use recycled materials instead of using new resources.  For example, in our construction workshops we challenge children to use as little sticky tape as possible.  Kids often rise to the challenge with the type of creativity and problem solving that is needed when dealing with mistakes.

Kids engage in STEAM activities (cause we are passionate and love art and science)

Art and play are an effective way to teach kids about resilience.  Every child that comes to our workshops knows that mistakes are okay.  They also know that mistakes are how they learn.  However, students are still mastering how to process the big feelings that they feel when they make a mistake or things don’t go to plan.   By engaging in the art and play activities we help kids explore how feelings can cause them to give up and stop trying.  In our incursions kids are supported to work through any big feelings to keep trying.  These skills are so useful for the classroom and life. 

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Our incursions are engaging for all year groups.

You can imagine our delight when a Year 6 student showed us her second Brain House character that she made at home after our incursion.  All children love to play and we know that with a full curriculum, it can be very difficult to find opportunities and have the headspace to think about what to do.  Strength Heroes have so many different types of projects.  Each school incursion has the option of a number of different materials such as clay, paint, loose parts or drawing. 

“Content very specific to year group"


Included in each incursion

  • Preparation and all resources.

  • Information for parents that can be added to your consent form and strategies to reinforce and implement learning at home.

  • Worksheet template that give evidence of students learning and can be added to appropriate portfolio (e.g. literacy).

  • Relevant educators are introduced to the concepts along with the students.

  • Teacher kit with guide notes and activities to further reinforce strategies learned.

  • Tools such as the Emotion Wizzy Dizzy and Emotional Regulation chart which are linked to the zones of regulation.

  • Access to our free Mistake Maker parent and children online workshop. This can be done as a class activity.